Best place to get Acrylic Spheres?


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Hi guys,

I'm looking into making a Wheatley or Space Core from Portal 2 and I want to use an acrylic sphere as a jumping off point. Does anyone know where would be a good place to get cheap acrylic spheres?

Can we generalize that and make it acrylic stuff in general, such as sheets and tubes? (hope you don't mind a slight highjacking MrSinistar, I had pretty much the same question and didn't want to clutter up the forums with a new thread).
what diameter does it need to be ?....I did a search on the net for "plastic globes"...(going to make a dive helmet ) and found most acrylic globes 18" and under for less then 30 bucks...(I got a 16" for 14 bucks) of course they all have a hole in them...20" or more probably going to cost ya $
however I could not find any cheap spheres (no holes/seems)
we recently did the spacesuit for a music video with a bubble helmet, and used an acrylic sphere purchased off ebay. They are sold as light fixture globes, and the neck size and type varies, however if you're making Atlas or anything with an eye, you could likely make it work out. They were less than $100 shipped, and available in black, white, smoked, clear, and also polycarbonate.

If you're going to tool it though, I'd recommend a fiberglass sphere. Not only are they full spheres (no neck hole) they're way less likely to crack or chip, acrylic is honestly a PITA to deal with. I messed up the above mentioned helmet and had to order another one to be more careful with. If you want to see pics of it, check my site in my sig. They are smooth, but the form will not be as perfect as a fiberglass sphere will either.

Here's a link to a good fiberglass sphere supplier, call and ask them for pricing, they were surprisingly cheap! Less than $200 for sure, maybe less than $100 depending on your size. They have a lead time of a few weeks though:

EDON Spires & Spheres
Great, thank a lot for all the links and tips!!

I looked a blueprint of Wheatley and Chell for a size comparison and he's gotta be around around 30" or more. That's waaaay too big for me and my budget so I'm probably going to go with a 3/4 scale or even smaller. I'm probably going to go with a 14" or something.

Thanks again! :)
there's a company out there called Tap Plastics. I recently had a force FX lightsaber blade tip come off in a duel, and i was able to procure a 1" diameter acrylic sphere for about 25 cents, and dremelled it to fit as a replacement.
The 4" spheres go for about 30-40 dollars, if i'm not mistaken. I don't know how much a larger one would cost, but have you considered a hollow sphere made of two domes (a la r2-d2/interrogator droid)?
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