Best place to buy quality Graflex 3 Cell parts - original or replica

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by neilshy, May 21, 2015.

  1. neilshy

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    I've just sadly broken my 3 Cell clamp lever - tightened it slightly to try to bite down on the bubble strip and the pin sheared in half. Disgusted with myself but this ain't a job for glue so need to move on and resolve the problem.

    Obviously an original would be nice so I'm throwing it out there, but failing that, does anyone have recommendations for well machined replicas. I've read of replica parts failing and breaking so am hoping there's some places making accurate solid replacements. Have listed a want to buy in the classifieds also.

    Thanks!, Neil.

    The broken lever - pin sheared in half :-(

  2. OldKen

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    Man. I wish you would've posted BEFORE you tightened it...

    I got the advice years ago that you tighten to fit the flash... Not the bubblestrip or board...

    Mine wasn't snug either so I placed some tiny bits of rubber on either side of the bubblestrip.

    Works perfectly.

    You are more than likely going to have to buy a whole new clamp then sell the old one or which ever you don't want to recoup some funds.

    Cause the levers break all the time... Clamps don't.

    I wish you the best of luck. Some friendly RPFer MAY have a bin full (fingers crossed!)

    That picture makes me sad.
  3. Panaflex

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    Wish I could help. I'm on the hunt for a vintage LK red button for my ESB build and would love to find a source for bits and pieces.
    good luck on your search.
  4. neilshy

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    Trust me, I wish I'd done the same!, tempted to try to get a pin machined myself and fit it to the lever if I can, unless a genuine replica appears that doesn't break the bank!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks :), If I come across a decent source I'll let you know!
  5. spoudastis

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    Get a Romans clamp, best quality repro you can get.
  6. neilshy

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    Thanks for the heads up, will have a look...
  7. thd9791

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    Roman is my vote too! I don't remember, I may have my real lever on hand! I also have a brass screw the same threading as the clamp (for the skywalker ranch saber). I'll look through my stuff when I get home from work bud. Don't sweat it either, total accidents happen and this stuff is considered antique now. The fact that it holds up to our greasy eager hands is surprising lol

    edit: I called my house (works slow today) and we still have the original lever from my latest 3 cell sitting unused in a bag! Pm me and I can get it out to you if you want, just help with shipping :)
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  8. OldKen

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    Another RPF MIRACLE!

    Super cool thd!

    Now do you have an extra clamp and bottom cluttering your workbench??? LOL!!!

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