Best paint for a Reevz catwoman cowl?

matt black

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I have a Reevz cowl on order but am going to paint the white stitching myself as Mr. Reevz is very busy this time of year. What will be the best kind of paint to use as I assume I will need something that has a bit of stretch to it?

Many thanks for any help.
Hi Matt black! I would suggest a latex based paint, but I would also suggest that you check out the thread by "Error" as she has done an awesome version, and I am sure she would be more than happy to help you down a road that she has already travelled!
Hope this some small way!
Thank you mate. I have been in touch with Error about some other aspect of the costume but I thought her stitching on the cowl was real and not painted. I'll check out her thread again.
What material is the cowl, Shawn usually runs his stuff in Urethane. Not sure if this is or not but if it is urethane latex will not stick. If it is run in latex though you can use latex or acrylic paint no problems.
Ah, I'm not sure on the material. I'll find out. Shawn did tell me to use enamel but I thought that it would crack and peel once the cowl was stretched over the head. I'm probably wrong.
I'm not sure yet. It won't be here for at least another couple of weeks. I'll get in touch with Shawn and double check on the paint to use. Many thanks for you help mate.
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