Best minimal or no sew Batman Begins cape material


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Okay I am finding what I thought was gonna be the easiest part of my costume is becoming the hardest. I am looking for the best material to make a good cape from for my batman begins costume. I have no sewing skills nor a sewing machine. I may be able to get a little help there but not sure. I am 5ft 8 and am not sure of even a pattern. I'm not sure why I thought the cape would be easy but I've saved that for last and now I am in deep.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Since you have zero sewing skills, the best advice I can give to you is find a person you know who does sew or just spend about $200 on ebay for a well made cape. There are plenty great capes on ebay for sale. No hassle or headaches .

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My cape was a hand me down Darth Vader cape. No Bat scallops but I kind of like it that way. Material flows nice and it a polyester blend I think



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From what I remember, the Batman Begins capes were flocked parachute silk. So they looked like they had the texture of a short-pile velvet, but with the flow of a really lightweight fabric.

But since you're going the no-sew route, I'd suggest scouring ebay for width of fabric. You'll need something at least 150cm/60" wide, and with a nice matt black finish. I'd probably say ask for samples where you can, to compare your fabrics before buying the 3+ metres you'll need. I used a velour fabric for my first Nolanverse cape, and it held up ok.