Best material for Iron Man Helmet


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Hey all,

I am looking to try my hand at creating another Iron Man helmet, but want to make it as realistic as possible. The main methods I am looking at are
-3D printing

I also plan to make a mold and then cast the final helmet before I start to add electronics and such

If you have made any helmets/costumes from these two methods, or have another method you perfer, I would love to hear your pros and cons about your experience.

Thank you and have a fantastic day!


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I have done both and personally think 3D print is the better option. I think finishing the print is easier than printing, folding, gluing, fiberglass, etc with Pepakura

Quantum Stan

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3D if you have one. I have not tried, but what I've read the time is excessive for just pieces, like 60 hours. In 60 hours I can build, plastidip, and paint 4-5 MK4 helmets, I want a 3D printer for my builds but not ready to invest until I fully have the costing and finish times researched, because of sanding and assembly.
I use 6mm HD EVA and have gotten good results with just a short time working with EVA, I can see drastic improvements since the first pieces, like anything more you do it the better you get.