Best Mando helmet for 3D printing?


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My friend is obsessed with The Mandalorian (I think I will be too when we finally get it...) and wants to print the helmet. Could anyone recommend an accurate (ish) printable model thats available for purchase? I have found several, but I am very much stranger to these helmets so cant really tell if one is accurate or not.


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The Great Apes Studio file looks like a really good one. I've seen a few people now who have offered castings of it.


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This one is pretty accurate from what I can tell and it's free too



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I would highly recommend Great Ape Studios' helmet file, available on his Etsy shop. It's really accurate and well done - the level of quality is greater than any of the other helmet files I've come across. He also has all the other armor pieces (for both the Ch. 1-3 armor and the Beskar armor) in his store, all of which he's spent a great deal of time on pursuing screen-accuracy.


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Hello this is a comparison that was done by one of my clients , with my file “3Dprintarmory “, BigApe, and an official efx scan, pretty cool , hope it could help you with your question
Let me know if you have any questions

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