Best malleable metal for Infinity Gauntlet? Other metal-working tips?


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I'd like to dabble in metal work a little bit and create my own version of the gauntlet, similar to the version seen in the background of Thor:


Would rolled brass sheets like this be too thin?


Any tips would be greatly appreciated. It wouldn't be wearable; purely display only. I'd also like to eventually hook up LEDs behind each gem to make them glow in the appropriate color, but that's later down the line.


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Wear gloves.
1mm or 0.04 aluminum, copper, any of that stuff should be easy to handle but it can cut you. The thicker the metal the harder to bend, but unless you can roll the edges they will look thin.

I'd see about making a slightly smaller wood version then gently pound it to shape with a nylon mallet.

For fingers use tubing (thin pipe). You can clamp flat the parts that need to be flat and the rest will stay round...I am working on that for iron man fingers. Anything past 0.08 gets much less agreeable to shaping unless you have a wood block die and a press to stamp it out.

I bent some 1/8th inch aluminum, but used wood blocks and a 6 ton press ears.jpg bendbackhed.jpg bendd.jpg
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