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Hey Indy fans! Finally an Indy gun thread! Lol, but thanks for clicking.

I have been wondering where to get a good replica Indiana Jones gun. Now I know that he has multiple, but I would like to know where to get each of them :D lol. If you have your own then post em' up!


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Outside of the pending run here on The RPF, you're a bit out of luck finding a moving parts S&W HE2 replica. You're probably looking at tracking down a cap gun or airsoft version through classifieds on this forum or COW. You may be able to find the Tanaka airsoft version somewhere. Those would be for the Bapty gun. artsee1com on Etsy sells what I think is a good looking resin copy of the Stembridge.

If you want the Webley, you've got some options. Denix makes a MK IV, and the MK VI is available as an airsoft pistol. Neither have the correct bird's head grip shape, but are good "close-enoughs". Those are both very easy to find for sale online.

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Buying a real M1917 or HE2 is much more expensive than the metal kit Scarednab is offering.

There just isn't many options out there for a 100 year old revolver other than what was listed above. I believe another member is/was planning on a resin webley with the bird's head grip but that's still a ways away.