Best Grogu to customize into a close to life size? Anyone have "life size" measurements?


From what I can tell the ear tip to ear tip distance is between 13.5 and 14.5 inches, and I feel like the 11 inch Grogu they sell at Walmart is actually a little out of scale with itself, and has a suitable head to be transplanted, but I don't have actual measurements for what I am looking for. I've seen at least one other Grogu doll available, but it is definitely too small, and I'm unaware of any others being out there.

I also feel like I just need to wait until Christmas and see if something new comes out.

Has anyone tried this feat, yet?


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Hi, I hope this helps.

You are right the Disney plush version is undersized.

Hot toys and side show both make a realistic looking life size Grogu, but they are not cheap.

If you search I remember seeing a few threads of people upgrading the bodies of those for more articulation/poseability, but I’m don’t remember seeing anyone customise the plush.

There is also a thread somewhere, with a scratch built version cast in silicone.


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I have both. I like the Hot Toys better because he is more poseable. But the Sideshow will be cheaper for sure. The Sideshow one goes on sale quite a bit. The HT one has had a few sales in the last few months.


So, I'm aware of the Side Show and Hot Toys offerings, I'm also aware that one of them has problems with the mouth ripping easily...

While I understand those are "the figures" I wanted to try modifying something less expensive, and after having an issue with a Hasbro Iron Man
Nano Glove ripping at the thumb and them not being able to get me one that doesn't rip, I'd rather not go with an expensive product that is known to rip in a crucial spot for the actions it is supposed to do.

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