Best Evenstar Pendant?


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What's the best pendant for Arwen's Evenstar pendant from LotR? The ones I've found online seem kinda clunky and heavy, whereas the movie prop gives off an air of delicacy and charm.

That's this prop:


So, what's the best replica available?

Thanks, folks.


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This is just my opinion, but I'm partial to the Noble version. It's small, has a thin chain and narrower crystals than the one shown in your post, and better leaf/wing details. The silver is pretty bright too, but will require an occasional cleaning to remove tarnish if handled.

Just take note that the crystals aren't "set" in a traditional way with prongs, but are instead glued down, so if worn often you may loose a crystal at some point. Also, there is the standard Noble copyright info engraved/molded into the back, rather than painted or with stickers.

If you need real/non-stock photos of one, just let me know. :thumbsup


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Any screencaps you have would be great. I went through the films and got a few shots, but they're not too helpful, I'm afraid.


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I purchased this recently from Christie's Jewelry/LOTR Jewelry in New Zealand. It's actually ring-set cubic zirconia rather than glued-in crystals with mirrored backs like from WBShop. The New Zealand one is more expensive, but I think it's worth the extra price. I also purchased mine with expedited shipping to Florida, USA, which brought the total up to $238 for everything, but it was well worth it.

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