Best crepe hair?


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Hey guys,

just curious, what's the all time best crepe hair to use? Heck, I'd use real hair if there's a place to get it. I figured out how to add "more" scruff on my face to fill in where I need it with the crepe wool that I currently have, but would like to know if there's a thicker crepe hair to use for stubble than just the really cheap kind you can get.



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Thicker than crepe hair would be real hair. You can usually get it in the form of extensions at a beauty store.
...though yak would probably be closer to stubble thickness. Not sure where you'd find that, though.


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crepe wool will generally be all the same just how well you treat and straighten it

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but either way you have 3 options crepe yake or human usually a blend of two or all best way to go
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