Best Casting Resins To Make Helmets? (Please No SmoothOn)

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by superpat17, May 2, 2015.

  1. superpat17

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    I have seen that smoothon is well a lot of money so what other products are the exact thing but you know, CHEAPER!

  2. TheNickFox

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    The adage is: you get what you pay for. Smooth-On products are worth every penny.

    And even if you go with something like Brick in the Yard ( ) you're only going to end up saving about $3 a pint.

    TAP's Quik-Cast is actually MORE expensive than Smooth-On per pint:

    Alumilite is the same way:

    So, it's not that Smooth-On is expensive, it's just that, that is pretty much what Urethane casting resins cost.

    ...and if you're going to spend roughly the same amount of money regardless, why not go for the best? Which is Smooth-On in my opinion. I've been to their headquarters/warehouse/production facility and they really are the most professional group you could ask for and will answer ANY questions you have about their products or their applications.

    And in the grand scheme of things, if you're making helmets the price of Resin is negligible. (Remember you'll also have to buy silicone too...and all the supplies to make your master) If it's still too much, you may want to examine other methods of creating helmets that are ore cost effective like scratch building, pepakura, or modifying something off the shelf.

    Good luck!

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  3. brandomack

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    Ditto. They have the best customer service, and the best prices. They stand behind their products. I tried Alumilite, and found it difficult to obtain, as well as more expensive. For me it's Smooth-On or nothing. Feel free to disregard the advice, but don't complain when all you can produce is a crappy result.
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  4. Duncanator

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    I agree with the folks above too. You get what you pay for. Some things are worth buying the quality product first rather than buying twice because the "cheap" stuff was crap.

    I have tried a lot of different resins, and have found that the cheaper ones are usually "extended" by diluting them with some cheap filler. This can lead to weaker castings or oils that leech out of the cured castings. Both are things I've experienced.

    I've tried some good resins that are much more expensive than Smooth-On; and in the grand scheme of things, Smooth-On IS a pretty good deal.
  5. swgeek

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    Well I have to say, I pretty much agree with everyone here. Smooth-on is good stuff, 20 years ago not so much. Fiberglass might be an alternative for you though.
  6. cavx

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    When he says no "smooth-on" due to cost, is that because he was looking at polyurethane? What about using polyester resins? They are much cheaper (and smellier) but might do the job.
  7. oysteinhole

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    Easyflo 120 rotocast resin really good
  8. robstyle

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    as prior stated you want to look into fiberglass. Strength and durability from heat and even UV light is something you must consider. Any casting material can be used yet that doesnt mean its the correct material. You can spend the money for the proper material and have good parts with little to no failure rate or try and spend less for improper material and have not only casting and parts failure but longevity and shrinkage issues.

    Fiberglass is cheap and durable for helmets.

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