Best bet on where to get a storm trooper costume?


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Okay, so I have been looking around at storm trooper costumes for awhile now. Is there a recommendation on where I should get my suit? I am about 6' 1"and 178lbs(athletic). I would very much like an accurate suit. I do not want to have to paint or make it. I just want to buy a suit and that be the end of it. I just plan to wear it on occasion and have it on a manikin the rest of the time in my apartment. I would like to spend around $800. I have been reading that if you have no plan in getting into the 501st and just want to wear it on occasion to just get the Rubies. I am by no means a super nerd and just want a cool storm trooper suit. Do you think I should just buy the Rubies storm trooper suit for about $700 since im not a die hard point everything wrong with the suit kind of guy... or do you have a more screen accurate suit for about the same price? Ive never seen the the Rubies suit in person but I would assume to the untrained eye nobody would be able to tell the difference? I may be wrong.


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This is the wrong section. Look at the Star Wars props section.


Rubies is a royal piece of trash.

I would suggest Anovos. $450 if you build the Kit. Or like 1,200 built I think....

Again, say no to Rubies.

Litterally, get ANYTHING else.
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