Best available mannequin for Stormtrooper armor?


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I have absolutely zero idea where this thread should go, but mods, feel free to move it wherever you see fit.

Yeah, I've been doing the whole "armor on a mannequin" bit for years but no matter how hard I try it always looks exactly like that, armor on a mannequin.
Does anyone have any suggestions to make armor look a little more interesting or dynamic?
Yes, this one! I bought this from Amazon, and it works very well.its soft and posable. Let me know if you have any questions or want some more pics.

Yes, this one! I bought this from Amazon, and it works very well.its soft and posable. Let me know if you have any questions or want some more pics.

View attachment 1567456View attachment 1567457
I actually have this one as I thought it would be ideal for my needs. I found it to be a terrible alternative as it was twice as heavy and twice the price of most mannequins and because of the weight of the cloth and wire it never held the shape I needed it to. In addition I felt the fingers were to short to work with. In your picture above, it looks okay with the armor with the exception of the slightly bent arm it looks like the typical ordinary mannequin.
so most of the traditional mannequins I’ve seen, the armor doesn’t fit well, and looks very awkward. I’m very surprised to hear you dislike this so much. If you find something better, I’m in!
Found this a while back. I was considering the RS Props Sandtrooper kit for it.
I’m in the same boat looking for a good articulated mannequin but 750 for that seems steep.

Thinking I might just have to scan myself (6’1) and print out a copy with hinges in the right places to make it poseable.
I've been searching for years.

I built my own for Vader a few years back and it turned out pretty well, but it took a LOT of custom work.

I've said for awhile that what this hobby needs is someone offering HIGH END manny's for display...I think they'd sell!
Hold my beer..

I’ll try to come up with a prototype over the next month or two

Haha...that would be great! I think a lot of guys around the RPF would be in the market.

Just finding a Manny to put armor or a costume on is easy...but the devil is in the details. The best costume on the RPF will look like dog crap on a bad Manny. Just an OK costume will really impress on a killer Manny. I had a full ROTJ Boba Fett costume that I sold because I couldn't get it to look right on ANY Manny...

A couple things I've experienced...

Torso and leg adjustments only need to be minimal really. At least for most figures. Feet just need to be serviceable, to get shoes/boots on and off while still holding position and being solid.

Most importantly, the shoulders, elbows and wrists need adjustment. Making minor adjustments here really makes the figure look lifelike, but most manny's fail in these areas. If there were some way to make those joints a TIGHT fit, that would hold position when adjusted, would be ideal.

Another key is the hands. Manny hands just SUCK. Many of our characters wear gloves, which is great because it hides a "real flesh" hand, but we need a lot of adjustment here. Again, something that could be manipulated but still hold shape. I've made custom hand using a block of wood for the palm and then thick wire for fingers wrapped in rubber hose. With gloves on you can really tweak the position.

A couple of my builds here...

I have looked into mannequins for stormtrooper armor as well. Most male mannequins are too tall and have too much of an athletic build. Most female mannequins are too skinny. Some appear to be about the right size, but lack other features such as posability. It is way more difficult to find a suitable mannequin than I expected.
Bumping this up!

Anybody have any updates on possible mannequins?

I'm still in the market having acquired some RS Propmasters Armor!
I’ve had the idea for 5+years that’s always on the back burner. I want to print a figure like this

But adjust the body to my dimensions for costume display. I did buy a 3d file someone made of this exact figure but I haven’t delved any further. If anyone wants to take this idea, I’d love to see it come to fruition.

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