Best adhesive for plastic + MDF


Need a little help choosing an adhesive for my project. I am going to use it to glue the MDF lips to the mouth of my 1/8 inch thick plastic globe. I was hoping to get some opinions because I really want it to hold/last.

Any suggestions on what the strongest and most durable stuff to use would be? Thanks.


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Two part epoxy glue would work just fine. I usually go with the 5 minute epoxy. Shorter wait time. Just make sure to rough up the section of globe that the MDF will be attached to. The glue needs a rough surface for a good bond. I usually use 60 grit sandpaper for the roughing process. I hope this helps.


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I use shoe goo for everything just about., or high temp glue sticks. It's cheap and has a bit of give. Once it sets after 48 hours its really tough.


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My first thought was DAP contact cement. It's commonly used to glue plastic laminate to plywood or MDF for countertops---really good for gluing a variety of materials together permanently, and it's flexible.


I ended up buying a 2 part epoxy as well as the DAP contact cement. The 2 part epoxy was dried up so I took it back. Ended up using the DAP, hopefully it works well. Thanks again guys.
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