Bespin Han Solo Anovos Standard vs. Premium Review (updated post)

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I just upgraded from the standard line Anovos Han Solo Bespin to the Premiere line, which I missed out on a couple years back. I received the box earlier today and was SO excited to open it. Then I did...

And I couldn't be happier. What a wildly unexpected difference the fabric makes!!

I meant to put pictures up sooner, but I've been spending a lot of time learning how to shrink clothes the right way and practicing...



The very first thing I noticed was that the premiere shirt is much different in color than I expected, having a more yellow hue, akin to Han's shirt in A New Hope. The standard shirt is still off-white and yellow-ish, but it is definitely a much whiter hue.


The shirt from the standard ensemble is very thick and stiff cotton-ish cloth when compared to the almost floppy and lazy nature of the polyester/wool blended material of the premiere shirt. The materials clearly show thier differences upon closer inspection, with the standard version showing ribbing, that lends to it's stiffer nature and the premiere shirt showing a weave not unlike that of muslin, but much softer and lazier.


What this means in real-world terms is that the front flap of the shirt on the premiere flops over lazily, like a soft t-shirt versus arcing over in a slow bend like the standard shirt, and the collar rests lazily upright while the collar of the standard shirt stands in a more upright position.


Finally, and sadly, both shirts--like their Han Solo holster offerings run quite large. I'm on the medium/large end of the Medium scale, standing 6'1, at 175 lbs. with a xenotype VERY similar to Harrison Ford's, but with a slightly longer, thinner neck. Also, I'm thinner than usual at the moment, but am not skinny.

Both shirts are very baggy, with sleeves about an inch longer than I'd expect and with a very wide collar opening. It's manageable with the standard line shirt because the material is stiffer by nature, which keeps the collar up a little. The premium shirt, however, is a different story. The wonderfully lazy material, unfortunately, just sags and makes the shirt look too big. It's impossible to make it look like what we see on the screen because of this.

Han Front.jpg
(this is NOT representative of the final look. The costume is fresh out of the box and my hair's not dyed or styled!)

I have tried every method I could learn to shrink it just a little, but with cost comes quality, and this shirt is impervious to size changes. I'll have to get it tailored down to a smaller size in order to have it sit correctly. Sad news, and it adds to the cost.


The differences in the jackets were even more flooring for me. When I opened the jacket box and took it out, still folded, I immediately thought how light is was and how it draped in my hand like warm flannel pajamas.

I took off the paper and unfolded the jacket and WOW. It is SO luxurious. It's definitely wool. It feels like wool, but the drape is more like a sweater than a jacket. It's so different and better than the standard line in texture and drape that it makes the standard line jacket feel like a costume piece rather than an luxurious every day jacket, which I THOUGHT the standard line passed for quite nicely until I opened this one and felt it!


The jackets, aside from material, fit similar and the only realy aesthetic differences are the shades of blue each jacket is and the fact that the complimentary stitching on the sleeves of the jackets is so much more defined on the premiere jacket. Oh, and the yoke placement is different between the two.


The pants and belt are the same between the standard and premiere set, so there's no comparison to be done, I'm afraid.

Anovos did an amazing job on this ensemble. It's way better than I'd anticipated. This is NOT an endorsement of Anovos. I think their process and customer service are rock-bottom; as bad as they come. But they sure do make a great product! A modern-day tragedy...

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Good to see they fixed the jacket color... Always should have been more grey than blue. I never understood how some one who "has access to the screen used piece" can get something as simple as the color wrong.



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Just wanted to chime in. I just got a Han Solo Bespin premier jacket (Anovos, size small) from eBay. I love the material, it fits pretty well, EXCEPT - my biggest disappointment is the jacket collar. Mine just kind of lays flat instead of standing upright like in the movie. I even had the jacket tailored, they did a great job of taking it in in the top back of the jacket. It helped the collar a tiny bit, but not by much. The tailor said it was basically just the design of the Anovos jacket, not much could be done about it. Very good material though!

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