beserker dreads?


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hey im getting ready to make another predator costume, wich will be more closely related to the big predators, like beserker and falconer and tracker. but i had a question. does anyone know were i can get those dreads or would i have to make them?


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Contact Bambooie, Hez or Biohunter76 for dreads

I agree with Wolf bro, I got mine from BioHunter76, He lives in Cali, and for a cheaper price, you will get 40 DREADS instead of 20 DREADS, smart shopping. When ALL possible, its best to do direct sales from within the LAIR. We all work hard on our Props & Etc.

Size wise Bambooie if not mistaken Dreads start off @ 1 1/2 inches and taper where as BioHunter starts @ 1 inch and tapers. SO keep that in mind too so that you know what size and WHOM to order from depending on the sockets on your mask.
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