berserker wolf painted


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i posted a pic on the win a free mask contest,and after looking at it a few times more i couldnt stop my self from bringing my drawing to life!So its a berserkerish inspired forehead,bit of elder and while i was working on the right side i decided last minute to add some wolf schmutz,keeping all four mandibles but still extensive damage.much more to go but off to a good start.plans for a fiberglass under skull with mechanical mandibles aswell.
















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awesome , more clay slinging ;)

nice concept you have going there, the pred looks evil and nasty as hell, just how i like them :D


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OMG!!!!!!!!!!, amazing work, i will love to see progress done on this
just incerdible, if i eventualy have the money i will deffinately want
to by the head from you, can't wait to see the finished product! :D


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mold was completed today!couple minor bubbles but other than that it was a sucess!waiting on latex,2 weeks at the most.then well see wut this beast really looks like after its got dreds and paint!!!!will post pics as fast as humanly possible...patience...patience.


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thats excactly why i use oil based.the problem with air dry is it dries so u have to be on it until its finished and make a mold asap.but u can get a smoother finish IMO with air dry.have to pick your battles you between when your sculpting you should have a air dry clay sculpture covered in plastic to seal any air from goin in or out.keeps it soft and plyable for much longer.or if you dont have the time to power through a sculpture in a short time,go the plastercine route.although its harder to get a smooth finish because u cant just simply moisten it and smoothen it far as your sculpt that cracked,just use a hair spray bottle with water in it and spray your sculpt down and cover it up for over day uncover it and u should be able to resculpt the cracks away!
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