Berserker/falconer Suit Builds


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Been thinking about this for awhile and finally said screw it, no1 sells full berserker suits. Few of us make some of the parts but the only berserker suits I've seen are the Rubies costumes so I think it's time to see a full suit.
Everything is gonna be sculpted from scratch. I already own have the molds for the bio and mask so thats 1 less think to worry about (y)
so today anyway I added 60 blocks of clay onto the ducttape dummy torso, 2moro I'll hopefully begin to smoothen it out and begin shaping it.
1 good thing is that I got the height correct, only 1 inch shorter than brian steele and same size as carey jones, so between either falconer or berserker it should look good (fingers crossed the sculpt turns out good) but Im gonna be wider in the belly department :D

go on bryan! your the very person and the top man to do it! i knew you'd try it someday. gonna be a hell of a paint job and a top knotch suit..
more pics soon!
I got a box full of dreads from biohunter in my predroom... im thinking of getting a snooker cue, sculpting the beads and tips on it and maybe attempting to cast my own dreads.
I've got a few things you could use... Snapped brushes (outdoor brushes)
I've an old pool cue also somewhere i the house if you want.
building 3 suits for myself Doug, waiting on parts for my big red and also for my avp elder.

Wouldn't that make it 4 suits... Big Red, AVP Elder, Mr. Black, and Falconer. But yea, I forgot about the other two.

I got a box full of dreads from biohunter in my predroom... im thinking of getting a snooker cue, sculpting the beads and tips on it and maybe attempting to cast my own dreads.

You could sculpt the beads directly onto the dreads. Once the sculpt is complete, just pinch the dread and slide the dread bead sculpt right off.
Isn't the Beserker dreads kinda red also though?

And Bryan if you were to make dreads it would be great as it would save people in Ireland on shipping costs etc :)

How do you plan on making the cloaking device and ship? Have you an outfit for your dogs?
yeah sonic I have a predroom.
Ok I was sitting down watching tv and i heard a loud bang, all the clay on the front and back fell off. Lesson learnt dont just put clay lying on the dummy and think it;ll stay there. Anyway so whilst waiting on ufc to start I got out the heatgun and went to town on it all... atleast its all stuck and blended in properly now
thumbs are killing me but holding a pint glass of rum and pepsi is helping :p
You know I love ya, Bryan and I'm sure the sculpts you are doing will turn out into a great set of skins, regardless of my intense burning hatred for what they decided should be the Super Black Predator head sculpts for that movie.
love ya too andy. this weekend im gonna finish up the p2 hero resculpt/remold. then i'll shape out the torso as im heading away in 2 weeks so once i return its time to get my ass in gear and get this sculpt working properly
Bookmarked this page. This should be could.
So how many suits have you built so far?

By the way ... Great job on the Elder. (y)
have p2 and wolf suit. buit p2 elder and scar for 2 friends,... gonna build berserker and falconer for myself. Oh and will be starting my big red and avp elder suit builds soon... just waiting on parts
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