Berserk Void Bust and Cosplay


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Here are some sculpts I'm trying to finish up before September rolls around. Still a work in progress, but almost ready to add detail. Kind of a dated anime, now, but since I'm trying to bring it into reality I figured I'd post here.


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Man this thing looks killer. Always loved the God's Hand designs. Very, very cool!

Update on this thing. Mother mold is ready, but I only had a gallon kit of rubber (8 quarts total) and wound up with two 5qt buckets of clay from the keys and such after I took it out of the glass, so had to wait for more.

Got pics, though. DSCN1159.JPG DSCN1175.JPG DSCN1176.JPG

No time for building what I need for injecting so will have to slam it for a mask.

Crimson King

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Superb! Someone on here is doing my favorite manga series!

This isn't too old a thread, I sure you hope you post it finished! How will you craft the rest of Void's attire? I can't even fathom how to recreate those HR Gieger-esque designs in the real world. Hmm... a quandary for the ages, I suppose.
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