Beretta 92FS Custom SAMURAI EDGE 9MM from Resident Evil Series


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Now that I'm older I don't really get to play video games that much anymore. But some series just stay with you I think we could agree? For myself its the Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil (First 3 PSOne titles) franchises. However, everyone once in awhile I get to pick one of these up and revisit them. About a year ago I played through Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City and had a blast. So much so that I was inspired to take one old hobby and merge it to a current one. I went to my local FFL in search of a 92 Series Brigadier but at that time Beretta had yet to bring it back I suppose as I've seen them new/in production now and have bought/sold an Inox Brig since. But was available was an Italian made 92FS chambered in 9MM Parabellum. It was listed for $650 but the owner let me have it for $625 and frankly I wasn't in the, "but its this much on the internet mood." What began after that was a long, somewhat costly process, that even after a year, is still on my hip everywhere I go (I have a concealed weapons permit). Todd over a did the slide engraving and Darren at hand carved the 3 piece grips. Total time to completion was roughly 5 to 6 months. If you're interested in details I did some videos I'll link at the bottom.


Custom Grips Details/Review:

Slide Engravings:


Fantastic! I'm wanting to get a 92fs and convert it to a Samurai Edge, Chris model. For one, my name is also Chris and also, my favorite color is blue.
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