Benoit Blanc Costume - Knives Out (2019)


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I'm starting this thread for anyone who's interested in putting together a cosplay of private detective Benoit Blanc from Rian Johnson's "Knives Out".

Below are photos of Blanc in the film and also photos and links to the various bits of the outfits he wears in the film. I've found a few of the exact items (his coat, suspenders, and glasses) and a "good enough" substitute for his glasses. I've also linked an article that analyzes his style and dress in-depth and it provides some good jumping off points for building a cosplay. The article also provides links to many different ties that look very similar to the ties Daniel Craig wore.

Blanc 1.jpg

Blanc 7.jpg

Blanc 8.jpg

Blanc 5.jpg

Blanc 6.jpg

Blanc 4.jpg

Blanc 3.jpg

Blanc 9.jpg

Glasses 1.jpg

Glasses 2.jpg

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 4.47.53 PM.jpg

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 4.48.15 PM.jpg

Glasses: 1303
Cheaper Alternative for Glasses: Buy glasses online | Save up to 70% off retail prices |
Suspenders: Mens Suspenders & Braces - Formalwear, Tuxedo & button-on, UK
Watch: Possibly a vintage gold Omega Seamaster Deville
Coat: Golden Fleece® Herringbone Topcoat - Brooks Brothers

Article on Benoit Blanc's attire: Daniel Craig in Knives Out
My personal favorite tie from the ones suggested in the article: Southey Floral Navy Tie

If you have any ideas on cheaper alternatives for any of the more expensive items or know about any of the other exact pieces of his costume, please share them!


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You can make a good alternative for the shirts if you use modern tailor.
Day 1 shirt use fabric SS6715-03
Day 2 shirt use fabric 23-1347
Day 3 shirt use fabric CH0039WHT

I admit the last one isn’t perfect but close enough for country. Use their saint tropez collar with soft interlining and then just pick the right details like the pockets, cuffs and buttons.

Was toying over putting this outfit together but the $1700 coat scared me away haha


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I thought about using a site like Modern Tailor for the shirts, but didn't get around to looking at their options yet. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check them out.

I can definitely understand being put off by that price tag. I'm hoping to find the coat secondhand for a much lower price, but I'm willing to spend a bit more to get it because I'd actually like to have it for my normal fall and winter attire in addition to having it for a Benoit Blanc cosplay.


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I’ve found his suspenders and wanted to give you a heads up because you’re trying to go screen accurate.

These are the accurate ones. I was so confused by the Albert Thurston connection because they listed them as plain black, but on screen and in screen shots they were obviously patterned and navy.

I did some digging and found these which match the pattern and details, Trafalgar has discontinued them but they’re still available a few places online.

Take it from a Bond fan looking into his clothes for No Time to Die, companies aren’t against mistruthing to make sales. Unless unseen black suspenders were used for the Day 2 outfit, Albert Thurston suspenders weren’t used in the film.

I’m still trying to find any info on his ties but have had zero luck, I was told Daniel Craig’s clothes used in the film were held and saved for use in sequels so for all we know these items are going to appear again and I really want to identify them haha


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Hey everyone. Just got reinterested in putting this outfit together, was searching the web for the coat to find a deal and the site no longer carries it. I couldn’t find the exact one secondhand, but found a very similar one on eBay with the same material and color from Brooks Brothers. It’s a size 46R (too big for me) but is NWT and only $375 (first bid) in case anyone on here is looking for the coat/something similar for half the price. This one is lacking the sleeve tab adjusters and has a ticket pocket on the right hip.

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