Beneath the Planet of the Apes "Mutant Leader" Build

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The Freshcoast

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Hello all,

My name is Nate and this is my first attempt at replicating a character.
A little background, I am a full-time graphic designer by profession (8 years and going strong), a screen printer by trade, and a sculptor by passion. I am also a big movie geek and have always been a tinkerer since I was young and made life size monsters for my parents front yard and even a complete haunted house in our basement one year. But enough with the boring stuff!

I am creating this get-up for my hometown of Detroit's Theatre Bizzare on Oct 19th
This event is seriously awesome, I highly suggest checking it out! Theatre Bizarre | The Greatest Masquerade on Earth

I have given myself a loose budget of around $200 to complete this and have ordered most of the materials, they should be arriving within the week or so. This budget was set not only to keep myself from splurging but also as a challenge for me to use found materials I can modify to suit my needs (Hopefully that is allowed on this forum, this is for personal use only)

Like I stated previously this is my first build and because of that I chose one that I knew I had the skills to complete in this compressed time frame. I have always loved the scene in Beneath where the mutants "reveal" themselves to their god so I am looking to replicate that scenes design specifically.
Below are a few images I have found in my research:
bomb.jpg Mendez5.jpg the-mutants.jpg Mutant Mask 13 5-27-13.jpg

The costume will consist of seven components:
- "Skinless" Mask
- Robe with Cowl neck
- Inner robe with head covering
- Tan Tracksuit
- Gloves
- Boots
- Metal Bomb Pin

So far I have acquired

Robe with Cowl neck Materials
- $36 for 4 yards
Through my research I have determined the outer robe was made of a finely woven cotton. I really wanted this to have a nice authentic feel to it, much like a a priest's robes so I have picked out a suit fabric from a local shop; I think will work very nicely and the color is damn close! I will upload pics of that once I start cutting/sewing it. I am still looking for the proper rope ties they have on the sides but they look very generic so that shouldn't be too hard to find.

Tan Track Suit- $8
Found a looser woven cotton one with a great texture off ebay, turns out the seller lived only a mile away as well so I was able to pick it up!

"Skinless" Mask Materials
- $96
For the mask I really wanted to create one from scratch (one day I will) but since the budget for this was so tight I knew making one completely from scratch would put me over (I do not currently own the proper supplies besides clay and plaster) Instead I purchased a full head "old man" mask for my base and mask making supplies from Monster Makers such as liquid latex, a few different colors of mask paint and a big bottle of permawet as it appears they're entire heads had a gloss sheen to them. I also picked up an old cosmetology head from my friend to use as the base for the armature when modifying the mask. All these pieces should be arriving before next week, I am very eager to start this part as I believe it will be the most satisfying.

I am planning to fashion the pin out of a small sheet of aluminum. I have worked with aluminum many times before (and I happen to have some lying around) so that shouldn't be too hard to complete.

I am also still picking out the right shoes and gloves but since they appear very generic I believe I will be going very liberal with these pieces of the puzzle this time around.

I know this a very esoteric movie but if there is anywhere on the web that has someone else with this weird fascination I figured it would be here!

Any questions or comments are welcome, thanks for your curiosity/interest!


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