Bender from Futurama


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Hi everyone,

Here is my Bender Costume that I began building in April after I discovered the site.

Everything came from Wal-Mart...TONS of hot glue and industrial fabric.

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1. Rolled up "camping tent bed"

2. Head Fabrication

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View attachment 378036

4. Finished Head
View attachment 378037

5. Finished Head in the DARK!!!!!
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6. Body Construction Using plastic water tubing and wooden dowels from Lowes, all gorilla glued together
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9. Foot and wrist

10. and finally the finished body.. construction was from April to September 2014

Finished Body.jpg


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Nice Job!

Im making my own Bender costume in another thread but it doesnt look like it will be done in time for Halloween this year. Will be posting updated pics in a day or two if youre interested