Ben Quadinaros Podracer (3D)


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Hey there,

long time lurker, 3D-Artist and Star Wars Nut.
Tought i´d contribute and share some of my work i´m on atm..

Always been fascinated by the Podracers and as my 3D Portfolio needs some more Hardsurface stuff, i thought why not build one.

As it´s with me, i tend to pick challanges.. and yeah.. the Pod Racer i chose to do is hardly depicted...
Challange :D

As i´m a 3D Artist in the Games-Industry, i tend to stick the ruling procedures, which won´t keep me from going in a different direction..
So eventually i might end up printig this.

So i chose this pod and started gathering reference... nice.. it´s different in every concept, shot and picture..
Well, some time for my own Creativity.. although i tend to strive for perfection.

Anyway, some pics on how far i´ve got. Started this in October 2014, working some hrs in my freetime after Work.





As you can see it´s pretty advanced right now, but as i´ve recently purchased the Star Wars Chronicals book, i could spot some minor differences and will iron them out.
Of Course i´m glad if people can help out with ref pics.

And so people know what i´m talkin about

The "real" Pod from Phantom Menace


See you around.


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Did some Texturing in the meantime..












Still gotta add some small discoloration to the engine pipes and do so spec work here and there.
Gonna start on the Pilot pretty soon tho.

Gotta decide what environment to put it in. Mos Espa Stadium might be the most known, but in the Game it started in a pretty cool Vulcano Stage...


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3ds Max, and Photoshop.
Rendered in Marmoset.
Nothing too fancy.

Let´s see ^^ Current Work-Project ends soon.. Maybe will have more time and work out some more pods.

Started to block out Ben Quadinaros himself.



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You did a nice job with the classic Star Wars challenge: Do you match the miniature, the full size set piece, or the CG model?

The full sized pieces were built in England from bits and bobs from real jet engine parts as well as custom parts.
The miniatures were made in California from reference photos of the full sized pieces, but with the latitude to "make them cooler".
The CG models were drawn in California from scans and photos of the miniatures, so should pretty closely match the miniatures.


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I have to match it to the cgi model most. But do a mix.
Rare to find images of the miniature model, sadly. It does have more details and greebles added than the cgi one.
Even in the SW Chronicles book, there´s only one tiny picture showing it from the side.
The other one is the shot, that shows it´s power couplers from the cockpit perspective.
That´s it.

CGI and miniature differ tho.. The most blatant difference is the silvery necklace behind the intake housing with all the fans inside.
On the CGI model, it looks like with mine, but on the Miniature, its not there.

Havent seen any pics of the fullsized version being made. Just a flat Cardboard Cut-Out for the Background.
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