Ben Kenobi Secret Lightsaber Box

division 6

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Probably an off the shelf item that was weathered.
You can see where the locking mechanism plates where removed and somewhat filled in.



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Thank you all, especially for the approx. dimensions. I agree on the 15” x 6” x 6”, or nearly that. The “knot” certainly seems to be a water/weathering stain, but I am not an expert.

Looking forward to learning more. Thanks again and MTFBWYA.

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There are usually multiple backups of any prop. It is probably one of the spare boxes that was used in a different take and was edited to complete the scene.
I doubt this is the case here to many exact matches in the worn edges and in the wood grain where visible in both images.

Pure speculation but I think the image looks like it might be a preproduction shot and maybe they added a darker stain as it looks like it might be darker and hiding more wood grain than in the screen cap. Of corse any coloring and detail loss could always be attributed to the quality of the video and screen grab.


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Too many of the same artifacts in the wood, check out the magnet lock, and how the oval pattern matches, then look at the big gash in the end of the box to the right of the oval lock

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