Beginner's Grail Diary (Pages & Inserts)


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This is my first attempt at doing anything like this. Well, aside from staining paper in preschool I’m really happy with it so far! It’s not perfect, but it makes the kid in me happy so that’s a win! Now onto the inserts D346BC93-A2CA-4FBD-8C1E-3D60098198A4.jpeg


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anyone have text for the note at the bottom of the long fold out dead sea map? I keep coming back to it and so far I have:

This way was found in and (*) (*some/same/lame?) old (*) (*) or any way I could find. Attached is the best image I could find of the text. The arrow points to a road gap between two hills on a clear copy of the map. Thanks!


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Pascal Kurosawa

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- Maybe the text starts with "This map".
- Maybe the text is a variation of the other text about the "old trunk"?

"This fragment is kept with my papers and maps. I found this fragment in
one of the books and amongst the papers and maps in the old trunk."
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- Maybe the text starts with "This map".
- Maybe the text is a variation of the other text about the "old trunk"?

"This fragment is kept with my papers and maps. I found this fragment in
one of the books and amongst the papers and maps in the old trunk."
"This map" has been suggested previous by others but doesn't seem to work with the text "This map was found in and...". I'm wondering if "map" contains a spelling error that is noted in other parts of the hero prop text and might be "way" as suggested by the arrow on the map. Although I agree the "w" is the following word is completely different form. Is there a real doctor in the house who can read this?! LOL

I like the idea of the map in the old trunk so thank you for that but the arrow on the map suggests something different to me. I believe the intent of this map notation from what I can decipher is that there was a location of interest identified but upon a visit did not show anything meaningful in finding the Grail valley. I most likely will invent text here along these lines thus my swapping of 'map' for "way" trying to figure out this text. I don't think the second sentence is gibberish but I've not been able to find any additional examples this prop master's handwriting to figure out how they make their letters for more clues to the text. Anyway, thank you for your reply!

Pascal Kurosawa

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How about this? the first "nag" is a "map" and the second "nay" is a "way". -> So we can have both: a map in a trunk and an arrow on a map.

There are some other spelling errors in the diary. So this is of course here a possibility.

The handwriting is an other faszinating point with this text. It seperates from the other handwriting in the diary. And both handwritings seperates from the regular writing from Keir Lusby (the prop maker). I have added an example to this posting...

I am reading this here meanwhile:
This ruag was found on and had Iam old bare rest or any may I could find


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It seems like the prop person was copying text from another source and introduced some errors. I've gone back and think the second "way" is really an error and it is "any" again? I'm not fully convinced of the bold words below but I think this is a closer translation of the text:

This map was found
in and showed same old roads as
any re any I could find

Therefore, based on your previous suggestion, the intent (?) of the text may have been as follows:

This map was found
in [my trunk] and showed same old roads as
any I could find

This seems more in keeping with the annotated text on the other maps and the arrow may simply refer back to the roads on the map in general and not a specific location. I can live with this as my text but not convinced this is what it really says!

Figuring out those bold words would greatly help. The first one looks like "found" again but the "F" is wrong and may include an "i" so might be hired or tired. Again, without additional examples of this person's handwriting, its difficult to translate.

Indy Magnoli

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This handwriting looks similar to the pencil text additions to the various Map With No Names... and they have similar variations of the phrase/theme "I could find" etc.

It's quite possible that these insert maps were done by someone other than the main scribe of the diary (Eric).


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This person has a distinct "F" when it is the first letter in a word and not present on any of the Map with No Names or the Leap of Faith. I guess this is interesting from a diary production perspective but I was just trying to find a similar hand to help me interpret the text! Thank you both for your insights and help.


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Really fun project to make. A lot of test printing and rewatching the last crusade. Thanks a lot Celeste! IMG_20220622_113013425_HDR.jpg


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Very nice, I need to find someone to print maps for my diary, as the only printer I have doesn't handle anything over letter size.


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I always wished it was easier for starting diary makers to get desired inserts (offical and fan made) so i'm just gonna dump my entire file of inserts
Dylan Conway
Raider of the Doomed Crusade

I've removed these inserts as I feel uncomfortable sharing these inserts as they are other people's work and I've forgotten to properly credit them so I don't feel right freely giving them compared to my own work in the Signatures, if you still wish to get a hold of my collection of inserts request an invite to the Archive Google Drive.
I just recently found this thread. I realize it's been several years, but do you sill have the file of inserts available for download? Thank you for your time and hard work.

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