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    Hello, all!

    I am fairly new to costuming. This upcoming project is only my third, and it is the first costume I'll be making from EVA foam.
    I want to tackle Thor from The Dark World/ Age of Ultron. I really love the design of the costume.
    The plan is to craft the vest from EVA, as well as each of the layered parts from EVA, covering each in a faux leather material. I have looked at a number of great threads here, so hopefully the veteran Thor costumers will be able to help!

    I am a little lost as to how to start with the vest. I wanted to purchase a cheap-o Dark World costume (like from Rubies) to cut up to use as a pattern for my EVA vest.
    The problem is that no such costumes are still available.

    What should I do to create a pattern for the base vest?
    How do others usually start?

    I was thinking of using the Avengers version of the Rubies costume as a template, but I am a bit worried as it is quite a different shape.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Check out the post by 6 finger wizard. So far the best examples I have seen are from him. I'm actually starting work on this myself. I plan on making using a template I saw in one of his threads to for the base to put around a dress form and body cast I have.
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    Thanks for the vote of confidence mysterious3rdgu, im actually planning on posting the template for my newest thor costume sometime soon, im not sure i could tell you where to start JLeong but message me if there's anything you need

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