Beginner suggestions? Video games and super heroes

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Noskills, Aug 10, 2015.

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    I want to start making basic props on a regular basis, I have made a few masks but I am limited to paper and packing box cardboard based models. Does anyone know of some beginner projects that are relatively easy whilst still being effective? (preferably a type of armor or weapon) thanks.
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    the best advice is to start with what you like, as long as you have passion for what you do the rest will follow, i started building models from, my favourite so far is 4ft tall optimus prime that I'm half way through building, I'm currently putting the arkham knight together, love the look of the character, its a pain to put together but having an interest in the character has kept me going
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    Everything's already been said by Stig :D
    And you've been bitten by the crafting bug too,so all you have to do now is pick a project and start your own thread :thumbsup

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