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Last Year I was tasked to replicate Many Beetlejuice props and set design for a friends event (IG: @Blacklotusclothing). I have several post on it, so i will split them up into different categories. I am certainly not new to creating, making, building, and designing. I am, however, new to posting on this forum.

BeetleJuice Sign : Betelgeuse Sign... yes Betelgeuse. Beetlejuice flashing sign.
Dante's Inferno Room: Beetlejuice Dante's Inferno Room
The Shack: The Shack, the useless garage turned Halloween party and set build.


This is the Fireplace. I looked up Winona Ryders height online. and went from their.

Bettlejuice fireplace.jpg

Some Tracing was done...

and created a 3D model.


I then broke up the model into faces and created panels that can fit a 4ft x 8ft plywood.

Bettlejuice fireplace_Overall dimensions.jpg

fireplace panels.jpg


cut pieces out of 4'x8' luan. (thin plywood)


I had a very short timeline.. so I definitely took shortcuts. and used my least favorite material to work with. expandable foam.

Used a 4'x8' piece of purple insulation foam for the front half, which would allow me to carve out the front details.




Painting the fireplace was easy, but it was not exactly color matched... but it was going to be lit at night... and looked amazing in person. dimensionally, it's to scale and as close as movie accurate as I can get it. My time was limited on this since I had to work on other set props for the party simultaneously.

Would love to get your opinions, tips, more information to get it more accurate... also, I have pdf and vector files, but I have no idea how to upload them here.
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Vector PDF's of the panels for the Beetlejuice fireplace.


  • fireplace panels.pdf
    26.5 KB · Views: 17
  • fireplace panels dim.PDF
    48.2 KB · Views: 20
  • fireplace panels 2.pdf
    12.3 KB · Views: 15
  • fire mid.pdf
    25.3 KB · Views: 18
  • beetlejuice fireplace form2.PDF
    45.1 KB · Views: 29

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