BEAST WISHES - The Bob and Kathy Burns Movie


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Check out this kickstarter page for the Bob and Kathy Burns movie!

BEAST WISHES - The Bob and Kathy Burns Movie by Frank Dietz — Kickstarter

Bob and Kathy Burns are best known for their incredible collection of original
movie props, housed in their Burbank, California museum, often known as
"Bob's Basement." From the steel armature of the 1933 "King Kong," to the
actual Time Machine from the classic George Pal film, from Glenn Strange's
Frankenstein boots to the Queen Alien and the American Werewolf In
London, Bob and Kathy's house is a treasure chest of movie monster


BEAST WISHES will document how these wonderful people came to be the
beloved figureheads of fandom, by speaking not only to them directly, but
with many of the famous folks that they have inspired. Also included will be
footage from various personal appearances that Bob has made at conventions
or in movies, both as himself and his alter ego, "Kogar The Gorilla."

I know I would love to see this documentary get made, and I'm sure many of you would be interested as well. Just trying to spread the word! :cool
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