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Want to Buy Beast Boy (Teen Titans)

Discussion in 'Want to Buy' started by theflxsh, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. theflxsh

    theflxsh New Member

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    I'm wanting to have a Beast Boy costume ready by the Winter and I'm really wanting to know where I can go to get the outfit made for me. I would make it myself but sewing skills are minimal and I'm looking for quality professional work.
  2. Iggy


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    Are you going to do the animated version purple and black, or the new 52 red beast boy, or a different suit like the red and white suite beast boy?

    If purple and black, you can do a dye-sub and get it sewn up. There are a few people who do this. There work is in the Classified section. I know cha0tic and another company were offering services. Some even offer discounts if you don't do a mask portion (like Spider-Man). Since beast boy doesn't have a mask, you would be fine with just the body portion.
  3. theflxsh

    theflxsh New Member

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    Yes, the purple and black, definitely. And thank you much. If you find any way for me to contact them let me know asap. Thanks again! :D

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