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Hey folks,
I'm beginning a thread as I’m in the very early design stages of replicating Bear (of Big Blue House fame). You may be able to see one of my previous threads in which I made my own Big Bird, I’ll be drawing on my experience gained in this project and the experience I’ve gained since then in order to create a replica that is as close to the original as possible.
Whilst I don’t see the build commencing for at least a few months, I’ll be designing, sampling, and realising the build here in that time if anyone else would like to follow the process as it happens.
One initial sketch is below, it gives an idea of how the performer will operate from inside and my first thoughts as to the structure.
If I’m able to complete this build them it’ll be my most ambitious project yet, so we’ll see what happens over the coming months.
I used to watch the bear when my kids were younger and I still have great memories ("Where or where is shadow?"). And I love your promise to develop the project here with us watching. So: I'm following!

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