BB-8 Star Wars APP enabled droid is now a useless piece of Junk as of 10/4/21


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Unfortunately I just purchased the force band... that doesn't work due to no app. I dont trust the apk sites at all. At least the droid can move around using the sphero edu app


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I remember seeing videos when these first came out of the droid exploring the environment autonomously and learning, thats what I thought was so cool about these, far as I know they don't have anything similar to this currently. I'm not really interested in a remote control Device or learning kiddy programming.

To me it seems strange to me that they just up and stopped supporting one of their products when there are so many still in use out there and so many still being sold by third party sellers. Just look them up on Amazon, people are trying to get $400 for these, I wonder how many kids will be disappointed this christmas when they find out there is not way for them to use there new toy, I feel sorry for the parents already. It just makes no sense why Spherro would do this, must be some sort of dispute with Disney, the least disney could do is pick up the support and offer the app themselves.
As an aside I managed to track down the original SW droid app and installed it on an old phone I had laying around. Works absolutely fine.
Don't ask me for the link as I forget but I'm fairly sure it was on a reddit thread somewhere out there in internetland.


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Bir kenara, orijinal SW droid uygulamasını bulmayı başardım ve ortalıkta dolaştığım eski bir telefona yükledim. Kesinlikle iyi çalışıyor.
Unuttuğum için benden bağlantıyı istemeyin ama bunun internetland'de bir yerde bir reddit dizisinde olduğundan oldukça eminim.
What is the make and model of this old phone?


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Hello, friends, for bb-8, download bb-8.xapk file (size around 250 mb) from internet. Download the installer xapk application from the play store on your Android phone, and with the help of it, install the bb-8.xapk file, that's it. I tried and got it working. I hope it helps someone.

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