Baymax 2.0 Armor - with foam template files


Hi, I'm planning to do an Ironman-Baymax hybrid armor. Visor will be gold tinted. All purple color will be silver/gold. There will be an arc reactor on the chest as well as repulsor on the palm. And since the body & arms are not proportional, I have to design a mechanically controlled hands & fingers. The suit must be equipped with internal harness system in order to don it properly. The boots interior will be raised a few inches to give a big robot effect.
This is also the first pepakura to foam conversion that I made based on file from Necrosster at I've completed the whole conversion but only manage to pep the shoulders at the time being. I'm sharing the file here at link below. The parts are arranged to fit A4 paper hence you've got to assemble it as shown in one of the photos here. The helmet is 3D printed, got no time to paint it yet. Thanks to Oscar Grespan for giving me the inspiration and sharing the file.

ironmax sketch.jpgshoulder assemble.pngshoulder foam.pnghelmet & shoulders.jpg

Baymax 2.0 armor foam
1. Shoulder -
2. Biceps -
3. Arm -
4. Cod -
5. Abs -
6. Thigh -
7. Shin -
8. Chest -

- - - Updated - - -

Left biceps completed pepping. Very easy to pep. Just need 14 pages of A4 paper to print the parts then assemble as screen below.

View attachment 440619View attachment 440620View attachment 440621

ironmax sketch.jpg

shoulder assemble.png

shoulder foam.png

helmet & shoulders.jpg
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Done pepping the left arm. This one has a lot of gluing to do, my back ache like hell. Right arm is half way through, gonna continue tomorrow. My advice, cut the foam straight not at an angle so that you will have a smooth round shape when complete.

left arm.jpgleft arm assembled.pngleft arm foam.png

left arm foam.png

left arm assembled.png

left arm.jpg
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Done pepping the cod, a very huge cod, lol!!! Lots of curves so a bit tricky when gluing. Progress so far: helmet, shoulders, biceps, arms & cod. Files update in first post.

helmet shoulder biceps arms cod.jpgcod.jpgcod assembled.pngcod foam.png
I have not started the extended hand yet but already have some ideas in mind. Maybe will be using Zabana's easy hand template for the external.
FInally, I successfully pepped the chest part. This is the biggest part so I suggest to use thicker foam so it won't get wobbly. Mine is 5mm, so I guess use at least 8mm to get a more sturdy part when assemble.The holes for arms are already there, you just need to cut out the neck part to insert your head from beneath. I have made the fit test, found it is not proportionate to my body as expected. I will do the internal harness system to properly don this suit & make it look great. Basically all foam parts have been pepped. Only left is the hand as I need to design the extension system. The palm will be using Iron Man easy hand template, will be using foam as well. I resize it to 140% bigger than original to match the arm size. As usual completed list of files in the first post.

1st full fit test.jpgchest.jpgchest center back.pngchest center front.pngchest front.pngchest back.pngchest foam.png
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