Battlestar Galactica remake as a prequal for Blade Runner


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This is the first time I'm seeing this old interview with Edward James Olmos about Coco.

Interestingly he links his BSG with Blade Runner.

Has anyone else made that connection since both franchisees have "skin jobs"?
It certainly brings new meaning to "this has happened before and will happen again"

Also, I was re-watching the remake and one of the weapons lockers doors was marked someone in the set prop department snuck in some Star Trek TNG.


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Show creator Ronald D. Moore worked on ST TNG, perhaps you didn’t know that.... ;)

No I didn't thanks. The dim light bulb just became a little brighter.

Re-watching the "old" new series, I'm seeing alot of things differently.
It will be interesting to go from the final episode with the New York flash forward, into the Director's Cut of Blade Runner, and then finish it off with 2049.

With all that sitting too bad I can't appropriate a theater conference room to watch it all on a big screen.


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EJO said this himself during the final BSG panel at Comic-Con when they were releasing "The Plan":

"When you finish the final scene of Battlestar Galactica, put in the Bladerunner DVD and hit play. The story continues right there."
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