Battlestar Galactica - Chairs Info?


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I love the seating seen on board Galactica. It would be awesome to have one or two BSG chairs to rest my butt on. Wasn't successful in acquiring any of the chairs from the auctions, but I figure a number of these chairs must be real commercial items....perhaps?

Anyone have any info on these chairs?

Wardroom Chair

CIC Chair
I stumbled across this old thread but I have some info that may help if it's still needed. I've got a original CIC chair from the Pegasus set which has been sitting in storage for awhile because the broken wheeled base has made it unusable. I recently got around to attempting to fix it unsuccessfully and instead had to order some replacement parts. The logo on the bottom of the chair indicates that it is made by a company called Northfield. I realize the Pegasus version is different from the Galactica version but it might be a good place to start.


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