Battlefield 3 beta


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The BF3 beta was opened yesterday to the people who bought the game on origin or the new MOH...

Anyone played it? I've gotta wait till friday to play it. :cry

I really think this game will be hands down the best war game ever made. Let alone best FPS ever. :cool

I'd say those of you who have it won't log on to the RPF for the next week or so, so this thread is probably pointless!!! :lol
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Changed title from BF3 to the actual spelled out word...

Surely some of you are playing this already?

Come on RPF! :confused
I loved BF2. I have high hopes for BF3. No beta for me though because I'm not going to bother with preordering. I'll grab it when it comes out.
I was just reading and I think I will pre-order so I can play the beta. If I do decide to do this then I will need to buy it by 9/25. My pc may get a spanking. My laptop can handle this no problem I hope. Mostly concerned about the stock vid card in it.
On XBL it's in the marketplace under Game Demos, and I'm not sure where you download stuff on PS3, never had one.

I've been playing this game for the last 2 hours and all I gotta say it, without a doubt COD's reign is over. This game is absolutely incredible. Fluid movement, great weapons, I love the attachment system and you can finally go prone, which is amazing in this game, when you crawl, unlike COD your guy actually uses his hands to pull himself across the ground, and it takes a second to get your gun lifted back up to shoot. I can honestly say it's a very realistic combat FPS, and I can't wait for Oct 25th.
Just goes to show how the two franchises appeal to different people. I've been playing the beta for about an hour and can't find anything I like about the all. Too bad as I was really hoping to like it so I could break away from the COD game series for a while.
the link for the PC Beta Download is here Origin

I participated in the Alpha Trial. This game is phenomenal. I have played every Battlefield game and this one looks to be as good as ever.

Oh yeah and make sure you update your video card drivers. its essential.
<PC PLAYER))) i've never played any of the BF series, is this a stand alone game or an upgrade. i wont need a previous version to play it?

i am still playing cod4 i have not tried any of the newer cods because of the negative feedback about online play or lack of servers.

i would like to try some other franchise

i read someones comment on you tube about BF3

"In cod you call in an airstrike, in BF3 you AAAAAAAARE the airstrike!!!!!"

i lolled a bit, not much though......

Battlefield 3 is its own game. You will not need an earlier title to play it.

I've never enjoyed the Battlefield games but this one looks like they have REALLY reinvented, upgraded and stepped up to the plate. I predict this will take the crown away from COD.
Are you guys playing the same game I am? The one I'm playing is somewhat choppy and has what I'd call substandard graphics. I know it's a BETA, but I'm not blown away by anything I've seen thus far.

What is impressing some of you so much??
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