Battle Damaged Starships?


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So, like the thread says, anyone her have some good examples of battle damaged star ship models....I was watching Star Trek Nemesis and it got me inspired....

I think there are some at Starship Modeler in their gallery, especially Star Trek stuff.
I accidentally found a good way to simulate blaster impacts the other day. I had some lacquer thinner on a Q-Tip and didn't want to waste the other side of it that I didn't use so I set it aside. One of the styrene wings on the Chiss Fighter I'm scratchbuilding got knocked on top of it and it melted a nice melted looking impression in the styrene. I just sanded it and am calling it battle damage

That's what I love about SW models. If you screw up something you can call it damage!
That's ESPECIALLY what I enjoy about SW models. Seems I screw up every time I try to make a nice-n-purty model like a Trek ship!
Thanks Peter!

Unfortunatley, the pics on my page are the only ones in exitsance. I don't have the model any more. See if this is any better...


I just cut a hole on the ship and melted the edges a bit to get the ripped metal look. The inner decking and structre is made from strips of the super-thin plastruct styrene strips and sheets.

I found a techniques which works really well for battle damage on ships that are supposed to be LARGE. Apply the paing on the area to be damages VERY heavy. Then cook it CAREFULLY with a candle flame. The paint will crisp, bubble and lift off from the surrounding plastic looking like burnt sheet metal on a ship of that scale. I discovered this when taking a compltetly screwed up Enterprise model and making it into the Constellation - I think every Trek modeler has a post plenet killer constellation around after messing up a "nice-n-purty" Enterprise attempt. After cripsing the paint I found that laying several (many) light coats of matte clear kept the burnt paint from flaking off. It really works well.

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Have you ever tried popper, you know the little things that you throw on the ground on the 4th of july,and they make a little pop ?! throw them against the hull , it will leave a little yellow sulfur residuearound the edge but its hardly noticable, hit it with some sealer and your done !!

I never tried that but I did take an ERTL Millenium falcon model outside and buried fire crackers in the loose dirt next to it and filmed the explosion on my super 8 movie camera (I'm showing my age now
). It left a similar yellow stain in the paint to what you're talking about.

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