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I finally got the strength and inspiration to start building a batman suit and I decided to do a Battinson build. I'm very very new and I just started last December 22, 2022.

I got a copy of the template I saw from Etsy's (was a cheap one) but I thought for starters, why not? One I got from Etsy's was from Dalilomo and it was for the shoulders, chest and torso.

I had a little difficulty in doing the batarang chest emblem so I just popped it on top of the chest as a simple logo - thinking of trying to make another version (better one) after I test all of it on because I'm just waiting for the compression shirt I will use to stick it on.

I used a 6mm foam (thought it would be better because I'm short and a bit thick lol). Started to build and finished in a week. Though I might share what I was able to accomplish as a beginner.

I'm just happy I managed to build something out of a box cutter, super glue, Velcro and a few printouts of the pattern. The cowl on the other hand, I got off a shopping app here in the Philippines and it shipped from China - it was a Battinson inspired cowl, kinda liked it as it looked clean.

Check out the images and sharing with you the template - in case you guys would like to try too.

  • The size of the page for printing is A4 so you probably need to modify the size if you're of a bigger build
  • The file is only for Chest, Collar, Shoulder and Gauntlet
  • Arm guards - I just imagined something and did it :)

Now, I'm looking for a TDK / TDKR template so I can also start building one too :)


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Good start ! Looking great and go for it.
Models-resource has 3D files that might help:
Pepakura Files at papercraftplaza.com, although I'm not if they have the ones you are looking for:
Blender models that can be converted to 3D files at Deviantart

Found one already and had it unfolded via pepakura designer 5.

Will be checking the website you shared for more :)

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