Batteries not included models wheems!


Another classic film from the 80's i used to love was batteries not inclueded with all the little robots. I made them as a kid at school but they wernt very good nevermind lol. Anyways the kids wanted to watch it the otherday and it got me thinking. :) :) Well my gremlins had not arrived yet so thought why not I will make all the little robots from the movie hehe. :-D

i made my fist from clay and its only 2mm thich for the body shell! :eek:eek

Anyways here is the first build Wheems the littlest guy! :-D :-D





Steve :D
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i like the lil guy lol, great movie, glad not all the new generation will be ignorant to classic great movies
Thankyou for the comments im happy with him sitting here by the pc all glowing green lol:lol:lol Im not sure what one I will do next Im thinking the mothership but need to find somthing the right sort of size and shap to make a cly cast for the shell mmm.

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Oops. I think i posted this in the wrong forum area... Anyways, I know this is an old thread, but just wanted tho show off a new sculpture I've been working on.
It's not necessarily "studio accurate" more like "inspired by" but it is about the same size as the movie prop.
Basically it's an artists rendition of Wheems. I'm offering them made to order.
Any feedback would be appreciated.


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