Batrooper in the works, hopefully.....


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So...1st post since I enlisted on here

Looking at turning an old stormtrooper FX into a Batman crossover for Cosplay purposes. Usually go as a regular trooper but fancy something a little different

Costme is already to paint (just need to look at colours) suggestions are welcome :)

I want to find but cannot see anything i'm happy with is a cape. It was suggested I use a fake leather called " PLEATHER" but ic an't find anywhre that sells it so I can actually see it with my own eyes (there's some on ebay but the pics arent to my liking)

Also I want to make the chest bat illuminated (most likely a backlit one) any advice or direction?

Any direction is greatly appreciated


On another note, I'm trying to upload pics but i keep getting a box saying I have no permissions and to refresh and sign in. I'm obviuosly signed in otherwise I can't post this.......Any help?


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Interesting, are you going to open the mouth area like the Bat cowl?
I like the fins and the symbol, they work really well.
Will there be a cape??

Good luck


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I'll probably leave the mouth closed ( i have a cowl if i want a change) and colour in the nose brow

I'm trying to search for a red to go with the black as I want to achieve a type of sith bat effect to go with a light saber I'll be using instead of the blaster

I really want a cape but also thinking about a sleeveless robe type thing?

Any links to capes would be really useful as i've yet to find one i'm happy with


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Which symbol?

The white one you see pictured will be painted red and used temperarily but what I really want to use the designed one and illuminate it with LEDs


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LEDs would look cool. Red would also be reminiscent of Batman beyond.
Personally I would go Cape over robes and I would use a single flared piece of pleather that I would drape from the back of the shoulder bridges with bat scallops at the bottom probably to the ankle. I would also be tempted to go a dark gold on the belt to further push the bat colours.
Just a thought.

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Batman beyond is a reference point for this
Gonna put in red lenses, red "tear" drops and a red nose brow (but as i already said it's finding the right red!) The ribbing on the arms and legs will be coloured too. (if you type in TURTLE STORMTROOPER into google there is a pic that will give an idea of the pattern im going for, but obviously black and red and not green. That'll be my next project too if this goes well)
Looked at getting a proper batbelt but felt keeping the original trooper one was a better way to go. I don't want to look like an armoured Batman but as A stormtrooper with bat influence. As for the colour i'm not sure I want too many colours on it (I know 3 colours isnt a lot lol) I will be colouring the ribs on the torso too
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