batmobile 1989

Sean Adams

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here is my other model brought to you from the feedback of the facebook forum

batmobile plans -

like my delorean model which can be found here -
take these plans with a pinch of salt, again i have only included half the model parts though in pepakura you will find the other half of each piece if you need them. it was just easier for me to do it that way knowing i am going to print it out and cut it out of thicker card boxes so to save ink and paper only printed out half of each part then mirrored it

but it really was only used for a guide, card thickness and types dont really do well when you upscale and so modifications were made throughout the entire process to make things fit

the main body and the wheels are made out of double wall card boxes so its pretty sturdy and tough when its built, the detail parts where made from mount board becuse it was easier to work with the tight curves.

finished model is about 4 foot in length


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