Batman's Grapple Gun Batman v Superman DOJ 3d print/model

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    Never posted here before but have been here for a while. I also never 3d modeled before the beginning of this week. But I felt this was something worth posting. I haven't seen any else on the Grapple Gun from Dawn of Justice.

    Here's my progress so far (my model is green if it isn't obvious):

    I started this two days ago and am still learning techniques to finish the gun. Mainly the handle/grip/stock not sure of the proper name. I am still off on some of the proportions. I gathered the base size from this still ( ) being roughly the same height as Ben I measured my hand and added an inch to compensate for the bat glove he is wearing.

    I started 3d modeling the beginning of this week with the DOJ Bat-a-rang.

    this is my 3rd model to date I did a Warhammer 4k pistol that I'll post after I paint it (modeled and printed already). Thoughts and advice welcome and appreciated.

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