Batman Year One DVD

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  2. JD

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    I was left a bit disappointed. I've long championed Batman: Year One as the best Batman graphic novel, and arguably the best Superhero graphic novel of all time (or at least that I've read) - and I'm not even a big Batman fan.

    Overall, they captured the story decently... but, it didn't seem to 'breathe' that well. Seemed way too condensed.

    The art/animation style seemed almost half-assed. Some of the backgrounds were horrible and Batman himself didn't seem fluid enough.

    It was still better than Batman Begins.
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  3. Master Dahark

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    My only complaint was the length. I wanted it to keep going!
    I love that they do these movies based on famous comics! Bring on Kingdom Come and Dark Knight Returns!!
  4. CessnaDriver

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  5. Starkiller0613

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    I agree. I said the exact same thing while I was watching it. I was thinking to myself, it's sad that this is better than a big budget movie. There were some things I nitpicked about, but overall I enjoyed it. DC seems to do well with these animated adaptations and features, I hope they continue.
  6. Jack T Chance

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    After waiting so many years for this to be filmed, I was disappointed that DC once again made the movie TOO SHORT! Would it kill them to make a 90 minute-long animated film? :confused

    The run time was unacceptably short at only 64 minutes or so. They cut WAY too much of the story out. I can't even tell you how long it's been since I read the graphic novel... 20 years, maybe? And even I know that too much was cut out. For one thing, they eliminated EVERYTHING about Bruce Wayne's training he went through to become Batman. They completely eliminated the character of Henry Ducard! Inexcusable! :thumbsdown

    But we got an animated short about Catwoman. Yay. While that was cool, I would have rather had them use those extra minutes on the main feature, and add in the important stuff about how he trained in preparation for his one-man war on crime.

    In the end... Batman Begins is STILL the better movie! :p

    Now I'm off to find a copy of the graphic novel...
  7. Westies14

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    There was no training or Henry Ducard in the book! There was a bit of keeping up with things back in Gotham, splintering a tree with a kick, that sort of thing - but we never saw him learn it all. I love the book, and I want to see the flick. I hope it's a decent translation of the story, if not the art. I know they picked up the general style, but Mazzucelli's artwork is just fantastic. Hard to match that with a budget cartoon.
  8. Jack T Chance

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    Really? Then where the heck did that stuff come from? :confused

    I could have sworn that was in Year One. Now I definitely need to read the graphic novel again!
  9. VaultUK

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    Sounds more like batman begins . Batman year one is spot on to the graphic novel and I love it
  10. John Cooley

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    The stuff with Henry Ducard, and training came from the first story arc of Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight starting in issue #1.
  11. TheRealMcFly

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  12. MooCriket

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    ^Right on. I still enjoyed it though. Not bad at all.
  13. CessnaDriver

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  14. terryr

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    The Man Who Falls has his early training.

    It did seem a bit 'bland', but it's for kids y'know.

    I like the Catwoman costume. Very basic. It showed her violent side as well.
  15. cayman shen

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    One of my favorite graphic novels, and the clips I've seen look ok, but I'm always so hesitant to see movie versions of books I dig.
  16. MrGzilla

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    i was nervous about it when i heard about it last year, and even with the trailer, it still didnt look to be that great.. but it really blew me away... this is better than any of the live action movies combined.. i even got out my coppy of year one and it syncs up almost perfectly. i ended up following along pannel to pannel and the dialog is almost word for word.. i dont think they edited out much, maybey a pannel here or there, but nothing major. until now i had always considered mask of the phantism the best animated movie, but this blows it away.. the only problem i had was the voice of batman, but if you can get past that then its perfect. and im not just a random kid saying this, ive been a huge fan of batman since i was 2 or 3.. in fact i used to tell people that i actualy WAS batman.... xD
  17. Jack T Chance

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    THANK YOU! I read the early issues of that comic, so THAT'S where I saw it. :)

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