Batman v Superman: Superman Suit


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I'm working on a Batman v Superman Suit to wear to the midnight premier next year. But I'm having trouble with the gauntlets and armor trim pieces. I haven't been able to find any really good reference pics of the new design, I know that it's similar to the Man of Steel suit, but that its a softer and more spread out design. Dos anybody have some really good reference pictures, or templates, or heck even 3D models that they would be willing to share to help me out? I would really appreciate the hand! :)


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check the video on the link shows the gauntlets pretty well dude plus they are some sort of material not rubber this time so should be easier to replicate.


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There is still the chainmail pattern, however, instead of it being just straight like in MoS, it has variations on the pattern itself, like it forms a v shape on the body, making the body look more angular, there are kryptonian writings on each shoulder line where it connects with the arm and on the shield above and below the line through it.

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There is a fairly good analysis here, maybe this will be a much visual help

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I can't believe I didn't think to ask Stew before. I sen't him a message and he sent me these
11647145_383341815210296_2025541871_n.jpg11653463_383341818543629_1844870231_n.jpg11212422_383341825210295_1778111685_n.jpg11655414_383341821876962_477994811_n.jpg11667943_383341808543630_532268526_n.jpg11692892_383342238543587_1472756950_n.jpg11694230_383341811876963_1185664989_n.jpg Still no shots of the gauntlets, but these are so helpful! I knew the armor was different. But I didn't know it was THAT different. Besides it having a generally different shape, the color is closer to the color the suit itself, It might even be the same (?)


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I'll be watching what you do here bud. I have ordered masked rider's MOS suit, will be wanting one of the new suits as well. Hope you will be selling? Cheers!