Batman v Superman mask


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Batman v Superman trailer came out a wile ago, and i really want to make the batman mechanical suit mask if you have any was of knowing of can show me how to make one i will be sooooooo grateful


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Hey bud, first off this should be in the DC costumes and props section, with Batman being a DC character. Thats the section where you're gonna get some help. Secondly, the foam templates to create the mask are at this link close to the end of the first post. If you look up foam costuming on google its easy enough to figure out. Good luck man, can't wait to see the finished product. Cheers.:cheers


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Not sure what your budget is, but one of the members here, TheRocketeer, will be selling casts of the BvS armored Batman cowl. You can find the thread here. His work is top notch and very much worth the money, provided you can afford it, of course.
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