Batman v Superman grenade launcher and sticky grenades + various gadgets

Discussion in 'DC Costumes and Props' started by teragon, Aug 14, 2015.

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    I had to wait a long while and spent quite some $$ in customs fees, but I finally got it !


    In the time it took I managed to buy the standard flashbang grenade, although it need a new custom label to be screen accurate, and some sticky grenades, that I assume are shot from this launcher ? They were not quite ready yet, but I threw a quick coat of paint anyway to take this picture. Now it's back to sanding them and then molding them, as I need 5 or 6 of them to imitate the SDCC display. The batarang was a print from a long time ago, before we had the SDCC pictures, so I got the size too small I think. Not gonna redo it though, there are some great ones more accurate than my model coming soon anyway.

    I want to tackle the grapnel gun myself though, so that's probably the next thing on the list.
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    Ha I wish ! A screen used prop would be the crown of my collection. This one comes from Evike, it's called "matrix EGLM" even though it's real name is FN40GL-S. I can't say the experience buying from Evike was pleasant though, they kept putting my order on and off pre-order, this went on for 3 weeks before they shipped it. So yeah, it was maybe just for me, but do keep it in mind if you want to order it.
    Regarding the grenade, I'm fairly certain the production one fits inside indeed, I've measured them against the flashbang and measured the flashbang against a 40mm grenade that's made to fit the launcher, and it's slightly smaller than the 40mm shell, so it fits !
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    That looks absolutely incredible. Really top notch.
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    From my experience with firearms, that flash-bang grenade would not be shot from that weapon. It's a 40mm grenade launcher. It would take something like this:
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    If you're talking about that cTs flashbang with the spoon and the ring, obviously it's a hand grenade, but both the sticky grenades and the grenades next to the flashbang on this pic :
    might be shot from the grenade laucher. Both types fit into the barrel, and while in real life it wouldn't work with anything else other than a 40mm grenade, in the movie world it's not impossible ! I'm pretty sure the sticky ones definitely are made for the launcher, since they were displayed right next to it at SDCC :
    The other type that looks more like a 40mm shell might be too but I'm not sure.

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