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Doing some quarantine cleaning and decided to unload some props that have been languishing in storage. Give them a good home!

Here we have a smattering of small props and promo items from Nolan's Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. The props are all from various RPF member runs, but unfortunately I got them so long ago that there's no longer any record of the threads/conversations, so I can't remember the makers. Here's the rundown:
  • Joker card and evidence bag from the ending stinger of Batman Begins
  • Raw steel (plasma-cut, I believe) Batarang from Batman Begins - Has some slight surface rust because it's not sealed/finished, but it would be easy to remove with a quick steel wool scrub.
  • Two-Face coin from The Dark Knight - This isn't one of the ones that was mass-produced, I believe it was hand-cast by an RPF member at the time. Some sort of white metal, subtly aged on the "clean" side and heavily weathered on the "burnt" side.
  • Replica Joker dollar, modeled after the ones given away at the San Diego Comic Con during the viral promo blitz for The Dark Knight - The base is a real, legal-tender U.S. dollar, onto which has been glued a high-res "Why So Serious?" sticker, scanned and reprinted from one of the original promo stickers.
  • Harvey Dent campaign materials from a "Take Back Gotham City" promotional event that I attended myself in Ann Arbor, MI. Two buttons, one bumper sticker (unused).
I'd be happy to post more detailed pictures of any particular element if anyone wants 'em. I would like to unload this as a full set, because I think it makes for a nice mini-display when they're all put together--a shadowbox perhaps? I might start entertaining offers to part it out if I haven't had any luck selling the lot after a week or two.


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