Batman - TDK obj files.


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Hi everyone.
First I would like to give thanks and credit to Pichet Paithoon for the posts of his model shown below.

I have seen so many people asking for a pep file to make these so I was able to split it apart in to several parts (shown below)





lower body;


upper body;

I am looking for anyones help to unfold them if possible.

the .obj files can be found here;

abs - abs - Download - 4shared

belt - belt - Download - 4shared

biceps - biceps - Download - 4shared

forearms - forearms - Download - 4shared

lower body (legs and cod) - legs and cod - Download - 4shared

shoulders - shoulders - Download - 4shared

upper body - upper body - Download - 4shared

I even have the cowl. but the file for the cowl is humongous.

I was able to lower the 1 million plus poly count cowl to 2 different sizes.
you can find the low poly count cowl obj here -
and the medium poly count obj cowl here -

hands / gloves -

boots -

Complete body with cowl for reference -

any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I -may- be up to unfolding them, but I can't promise anything for sure, I'll let you know later today if I can get anything done with them, they have already been unfolding for speed foam building by JFCustom, but I'd be unfolding for paper.

-The Armorer


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It seems it was not the same model. This one looks more complete and accurate : ribs, bat on the chest... Will put it in my foam pending list too.


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ive unfolded most of the shoulder pads as these were the easiest ones to unfold for paper the only problem im having is that im rubbish at scalling so u will need to rescale if you plan a paper build :) also on the straps part on the shoulder is im possible to pep because of how small and thin the peices are will have an update asap for you guys


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there not realy scaled to any specific size buddy but you can scale them to your size if you llike :) and glad you like them took me ages to unfold and ther very picky lol but worth the build , when i get a new printer my self ill be making them :) as well as fiinishing of my mk 7


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When i found the model, i really liked the detail. Thats why i split it apart. Thanks again to Pichet Paithoon for he model. And thanks to everyones work on unfolding!


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Let me know if you need any tweaking on the. Obj files. The unfolding is excellent!

Thanks man, no I don't think the files need tweaking you've done am amazing job with them. Buddy :) I would like too try the cowl to tho so it's a full suit pep, I'll be unfolding more tomorrow aswell so will have more updates to :)

Bane 187

Any chance someone will transfer this into an pep file for foam?
Looks pretty detailed which is nice, but building it could turn out to take forever.

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